How to draw anime ( if you dont know how )

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How to draw anime ( if you dont know how )

Post  animefreak12 on Thu Mar 12, 2009 10:58 am

Hey guys,

Ok well im really good at drawing anime so i thought i would teach you how step by step here we go Surprised

STEP 1: Get your pencil and paper ( dont forget colored pencils for the hair and clothes )
STEP 2: draw the head and body
STEP 3: Apply the clothes
STEP 4: Draw the hair
STEP 5: Draw the eyes here is how to draw anime eyes at least the kind i draw you do one straight line at the top and one straight line at the bottom and then you curve in the lines on the sides not to much but curve them in
STEP 6: Now your ready to color Very Happy so draw it however you want it should look something like this ( i drew this on my pc but draw the anime with your hands and paper)

Ur welcome

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